It’s been almost 6 years since i stopped posting on this website, mainly becuse i was spending most of my free time mountain biking and carrying a heavy DSLR camera in my backpack was not working out, but also beacuse the quality out of my phone pics was not what i wanted to showcase as my so called “portfolio”. While i still took some pictures that i was proud about, i did not post them here, and that is something i would like to change. So i’m starting to use the big cameras again, reaquiring the taste for photography and just start shooting again, something good enough that i can hang on a wall inside my house maybe, we’ll see how it goes.

If you’re new here, you can check out the old site and blog at:

Side note: 15 years since i started this website (how time flies), it’s funny for me to read my “about” section as it was written then. I’d like to keep it, as it reminds me of a much younger version of myself, full of dreams, naive, hopeful … i miss that guy 🙂

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